The infinity pool is a welcoming outdoor space perfect for cocktail receptions.

Extension: 919 smq
Number of diners: 150 pax
Number of people cocktail: 300 pax


The Jardín El Pinar, is the largest space in The Finca.

It’s the perfect space to celebrate kids birthdays, a baby shower or a family gathering. 

There is a  picnic  and  bar area, as well as a large area with artificial grass, ideal to set up inflatable structures for kids.  

Extension: 1034 smq
Number of diners: 100 pax
Number of people cocktail: 150 pax


Feel the elegance of La Placita. In this space you can have an outdoor cocktail reception or an informal meeting.  

Extension: 270 smq
Number of people cocktail: 200 pax


The Indoor Room is an interior space soundproofing.

It’s isolated from the rest of the outdoor spaces.  Here you can host graduations, presentations or company events. 

This room has a disco area, bar, catering area and air conditioning.  

Extension: 132 smq
Number of diners: 70 pax
Number of people cocktail: 120 pax


Emblematic Canarian patio, with a cascading fountain.

Extension: 200 smq
Number of diners: 0 pax
Number of people cocktail: 100 pax


The Main Garden is an outdoor space that can hold up to 500 guests. 

It is also connected to the Indoor Room.  

Extension: 915 smq
Number of diners: 500 pax
Number of people cocktail: 800 pax


Because comfort and accessibility are important, we have a car park with capacity for 42 cars, with a space for charging electric cars, a space for people with reduced mobility (PRM), 5 spaces for minibuses and space for access and the departure of buses.

Number of cars: 42
PMR: 1
Electric car charger: 1
Minibuses: 5